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The VNA is grateful for the wonderful care provided by all of our nurses, hospice aides, social workers, pastoral staff, bereavement counselors, and volunteers. Here is what some of the families we have cared for have to say:




February 2017 Comments

"They were wonderful to my mother and my family. Thank you for all your help."

"Great help! They were like angels. Always there for me. Love them all."

"Thank you very much. All of you were very kind and wonderful in all you did."

The Phoenix Center is great for my grandkids. Love it!"

"I had the support I needed. My husband's death was not expected. He was recuperating from surgery and suffered a heart attack which left him brain dead. I turned to VNA Hospice for help."

"I can only say 'Thank You!' We were very well taken care of. We were blessed with everyone's care. The nurse was such a blessing and the aide was awesome and very helpful. We were blessed by all who took part in my mom's care!"

"I would like VNA Hospice to know they were wonderful at all times, when it was most needed. The people there are the best."

"Excellent hospice staff. I don't know how I could have faced my mother's situation without the. Thank you!"

January 2017 Comments

 "Hospice Care made my husband's last days much easier for him and for me. Everyone at the Hospice Center are caring and helpful."

"The hospice staff was fantastic - caring and supportive. The volunteers were outstanding, telling stories, reading, etc. They were a Godsend."

We are grateful that the VNA Hospice was available to help provide end of life care for our dad. It enabled us to return to being "daughters" during his difficult time and not case managers, caregivers, health aides, as we had been for many years. Dad received better care than we could have given."

"Thank you for all the support VNA Hospice provided my wife while she was under your care."

"My mom was treated great by all those who came to help her. I do recommend VNA Hospice to people when needed. Thanks to everyone for all your help."

"My husband received very good care from all the nurses. He was a joy to be around even through his bad time."

"The team was the best in the world!"

December 2016 Comments

"Wonderful, caring, loving staff. Both of my parents were at the VNA Hospice Center. Dad was home at the end. VNA Hospice was a blessing to each of them and our family."

"VNA Hospice was a blessing. Our home care was perfect. Much love to those special nurses!!"

"The ladies that came to care for my husband were all pleasant and helpful. He was only on VNA Hospice a short 6 weeks. He was 94. We had been married for 68 years. I miss him."

"My husband asked only to be taken care of by VNA Hospice."

"The care my mother received while in VNA Hospice care was outstanding from everyone involved. I don't know how I would have gotten through it with out them. Thank God for all of them."

"I was very appreciative of all the VNA services during this time. It could not have been any better!"

"The VNA is an invaluable service that makes the end of life process much easier to understand and handle. I'm so glad to have been able to use them for both my parents in a span of 15 months."

November 2016 Comments

"Our brother was in a facility the entire time of his illness so we did not have direct care for him. I was responsible for getting the best care for him and I think VNA Hospice was the best answer!"

"VNA Hospice of Porter County was wonderful. I could not have gotten through this without them. They care so much for their patients."

"Thank God for the VNA Hospice program. Thank you!"

"I couldn't have been happier with the hospice care my mother received at home some years earlier and the care my dad received more recently with VNA Hospice."

"Having VNA Hospice come in to my mother's nursing home was the BEST thing I could have done. I noticed an immediate improvement in her care. Social Services at the nursing home deserves credit for suggesting hospice care."

"Nurse XXXX is a wonderful help. The aide was caring and pleasant."

"I was extremely impressed with Nurse XXXX. She was very kind, caring and patient."

October 2016 Comments

"All Hospice nurses were kind, caring and efficient."

"We had the best team. All of them were very courteous and caring and compassionate."

"My mother was given excellent care at the VNA Hospice in Valparaiso, IN. The staff was wonderful to our family at the time that we all needed comfort."

"The VNA Hospice team could not have done any more for our family. This journey is sad and the team did everything possible to help us through it. They are wonderful."

"We thank you so much for all the help with my mother when she needed it and when we needed it. Thank you so much."

"I was completely happy with the care my sister received. It was my pleasure to work with the hospice nurses. Thank you for your support."

September 2016 Comments

"I could never have gone through this without your Hospice nurses. I will be forever grateful. Your nurses are angels!!"

"The team at Hospice were the most kind, professional and dedicated group we ever encountered."

 "I want to thank the hospice team sincerely for taking care of my Mom and helping me through this ordeal. I truly appreciate all the help."

"I was very pleased with the VNA Hospice staff that helped my husband, my family and myself. Thank you for always letting us see genuine concern."

"I can't say enough how good and caring the hospice people were to my wife. They made her last days painless, something that I had promised her."

August 2016 Comments

"Everyone who helped with my sister was so kind, helpful, and caring! Thank you!"

"I could not have done what had to be done without the VNA. Everyone was kind and treated my father as their own. You are a special group of people." 

"We were very happy with the help we received. Thank you to Jean, Katie and all the nurses. Also, the Chaplain answered our questions and needs at just the 'right' times. Bless you all!"

"My family owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the VNA. They provided us with the support and proper tools to navigate this difficult time in our lives."

"The VNA is the best. So kind, thoughtful and caring."

"They were all wonderful. I was so scared for him to be at home, but the all eased my fears and I would have never had it any other way."

July 2016 Comments

"No words can express how I fell about the VNA Hospice nurses. I could never have taken care of my mom without them. Not a day goes by that I wish somehow I could repay them for all the love and support they gave my mom."

"My husband wanted to come home from the hospital and needed oxygen. Hospice was able to honor his last wishes. Also, he didn't want to suffer any pain. He passed very peacefully and we that God for that also."

"My dad's care was beyond exceptional! the doctor and nurses tended to his every need with compassion."

"I'm happy VNA Hospice took care of my wife. I want everyone to know VNA Hospice is the greatest around!"

"I can't say enough about the care of hospice. The hospice staff were so kind, caring and compassionate with my husband and our family. God bless all of you."

"The confident, caring, personal hospice care made it possible for us to have my husband at our home. His wish and mine."

"VNA Hospice was very good to my husband and our family. The nurse did a very good job. She told us what to expect, she held nothing back from us. Everyone showed us they cared for him and for us."

"Dr. Weiss is the most compassionate man I have ever met. It takes a very special person to do what he does. God gave him a true gift. The nursing staff was amazing! These women deserve gold. That you to all of you and God bless each and everyone."

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