A message from Bob Franko, CEO

As we mark the unenviable anniversary of a year into this pandemic we can also pause to recognize the wonder of humanity and the strength in resilience and perseverance. The compassion and appreciation showed to hospital staff and frontline workers in these last 12 months has been enduring and inspiring. They have met the challenge – as daunting and seemingly unending as it is – and our communities have rallied and supported them with appreciation and love.

Here at the VNA of Northwest Indiana we can’t even begin to count the blessings endowed upon us in the last 12 months, from individuals and small groups who sewed masks for us, from industry and companies who provided us with PPE, from restaurants who brought our nurses and aides food, and even from numerous families who wrote us notes of gratitude and inspiration. We thank the hundreds of individuals who rallied around our Meals On Wheels program with volunteer hours, fundraising efforts and advocacy as the demand for meals skyrocketed. We met that challenge because of them.

It was never easy; our own staff and families dealt with COVID-19 and we had to cover for each other to make sure we were still Making Best Days Possible for those who counted on us. But back to resilience and perseverance: We need them both now more than ever. Our job is not done, we can’t let up. We need to get as many vaccinations dispensed as possible, we must continue wearing our masks, we must continue to socially distance and make sacrifices of staying home and scaling back celebrations if we’re ever to return to normal.

Our patients and families in hospice and palliative care teach us a masters’ course in perseverance and resilience every day. Their strength, trust, faith and will to move forward inspires all of us every day. People often ask how our hospice nurses cope with death and loss every day; they are nourished and strengthened by the resilience and love of the families they are privileged to work with – it is our blessing to serve.

Let’s continue to persevere together. We got this.

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