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One of life’s most difficult times is the end-of-life journey. And we don’t want anyone to be alone. We offer expert care and heartfelt comfort. We give freely of ourselves to help make life’s final days some of the best of a lifetime.

Hospice care is integrated, person-centered care for individuals facing a terminal illness. A medical director, nurses, social workers, home health aides, clergy, therapists, and specially trained volunteers join forces to deliver comprehensive care, comfort, and support for patients, families, and their circle of loved ones. We free caregivers to focus on sharing the journey, with support in addressing the entire family’s needs. We free the patient from worry about the caregiver’s stress or exhaustion. Families can focus on quality time together while your hospice team ensures faithful management of pain and other symptoms.

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Inside the VNA Arthur B. and Ethel V. Horton Hospice Center

Non-profit hospices provide patients with 10 percent more nursing visits, 35 percent more social worker visits, and twice as many therapy visits versus for-profit hospices.

Where can I receive hospice services?

Hospice services are available in your private home, retirement community, or long-term care facility. Inpatient hospice is also available at the VNA Arthur B. and Ethel V. Horton Hospice Center, based on your choices and medical needs. At VNA Hospice NWI, inpatient hospice care takes place in a facility that is wholly dedicated to hospice care. VNA Hospice NWI is an ACHC Accredited program.

Does insurance cover hospice care?

Yes. Hospice is covered by Medicare and Medicaid, as well as most private insurance programs.

When is the right time for hospice?

Hospice is available to anyone with a prognosis of six months or less. One of the biggest regrets families have is not seeking hospice care sooner. Research shows that with the support you need and deserve, hospice care can extend life. Take this quiz to see whether hospice care might be a fit for your family.

Education Certificate

VNA Hospice NWI is honored to receive our Education Certificate from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization's Quality Connections program. Participation in this voluntary program showcases our continuing commitment to providing high-quality, person-centered care to patients and their families.

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VNA Hospice of Northwest Indiana now offers our customers a secure, convenient, and flexible method of paying their bills through our online bill payment feature.